Pistachio Tiramisu- A favoured twist...

It's been a few days since I've been sharing some recipes and stories. I have continued to cook and bake but life has kept me away from the blog a tiny bit.

It has been a busy week, I can't even fit in the time to take care of myself and cook all day...but I eventually did this Sunday.
I love the simplicity of some desserts, when you can get a little from here and mix it in with that...and sprinkle a little of that on.
Some people dread the thought of making dessert and it kind of has that reputation for a while but it's not always that...sometimes dessert can be a last minute idea or a lifesaver for a dinner party...let's just say that some people "stereotype it"...
What I enjoy about desserts is that sometimes it can be free and you can substitute many ingredients for another.

Pistachio is definitely not something you would find in a regular Tiramisu but "spicing it up" is what makes this fun and enjoyable, it still tastes as good as the original...

...or maybe even better
Today was Sunday, a feast day as we like to call it, we made a simple tiramisu, the family devoured it.

Coffee soaked sponge fingers, mascarpone and vanilla cream with some pistachios and chocolate.

I dipped, whipped and arranged.

Simplicity is delicious.

Pistachio Tiramisu
Serves 4

10 lady/sponge fingers, halved
1 cup boiling water
2 tsp coffee
2 tbsp. sugar

100g mascarpone
200mL cream
100g icing sugar
50g pistachios

100g grated chocolate
100g ground pistachios

Place the boiling water, coffee and sugar in a bowl and stir until all combined.

Whip the cream until soft peaks form, add the icing sugar and continue whipping until firm peaks form. Add the mascarpone and beat until all combined. Fold in the 50g of the pistachio.

Place a small amount of cream in the base of the glasses. Sprinkle some chocolate on the top.
Dip the sponge fingers in the coffee mixture and arrange on the cream. Add another layer of cream and sprinkle with chocolate. Repeat.
For the last layer dollop some cream on the top and sprinkle with chocolate and pistachio.

Chill for 3 hr-overnight, serve chilled.


  1. What a creative tiramisu!! And it's so pretty, too...I'm loving your photographs :)

  2. What a fantastic twist on a classic dessert. And great pics too. Looks awesome!